Summer is upon us and as the temperature rises, our attention to our blogs might wan. Blame it on having the kids home, or fabulous vacations we are going on, or just wanting to be sunning ourselves outside instead of sitting in front of a computer. Whatever the reason, bloggers tend to disappear in the summer, only to reappear in the Fall. And while this might work for newbie bloggers, it can have detrimental effects on seasoned bloggers that have a steady readership.

When you go on hiatus your readers might just not come back when you return.

If it is the reviews and obligations of book promotions that have you worried, why not change things up for the summer? You don’t have to review every day. You don’t even have to post every day, just make sure to post, regularly.

Here are some alternative post ideas if you just aren’t feeling in need of posting a review:

1. Post Your Favorite Quotes From Literature

Most of the quotes that people post online are meant to share, with credit of course. So, share them! Or create your own, using a graphic software or online tools like Canva.

Great Post Ideas

Created with in 1 minute…swear

2. Tutorial

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or in-depth. Post about how you organize your books, if you do something different. Just think about something that you do that you think would benefit others.

3. Organizational Tips

Speaking of organizing your books, how do you organize your blogging life? Tips and Tricks like this are gold. Post about them.

4. Bookstore Feature

Do you have a favorite bookstore in your area? Post about it.

5. Lifestyle Posts

Post about what you do outside of blogging and reading, or post about your reading life. Do you have a favorite spot to read? Do you do fun things that are book related in your area? Post about them.

6. Bridging The Gap

Whether you like cars and books, or tattoos and books, maybe food and books – bring them together. Post pictures of fun cars that are decorated with literature inspired decals, or tattoos that are book related…foods that were inspired by literature. You get the idea, right?

BOoks and Tattoos

7. Collections

Do you have favorite blog posts that you reference all the time? Why not list those in a “pimp a blogger” post.

8. Character Showcases

Best and worst characters in literature. Talk about book boyfriends, or book girlfriends. Characters you would want to have a conversation with or go out drinking with. Characters you wish you could take home and keep forever.

9. Genre Showcase

Talk about a genre you love and why. Include books from that genre that are your favorite. Ask for suggestions from readers.

10. Regional Inspiration

What country/city do you reside? What are great books from that area? Tell us about your country or city, or even culture.

Some of these posts ideas are easy to put together, others are a little harder, but all of them should spice up your blog and get you ready to rock the summer. If you did one of these each week you’ll be in August before you know it!


Photo Credit: raumrotraumrot