What freaked your geek today?

Hellooooo! I have finally recuperated from RT15 then finishing up the school year then moving (which I just finished last night). I just finished reading The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter, and I really enjoyed it. It was a light, fast read that I think you guys will probably like. The relationship arc moves kind of fast, but at least you get some of that resolved so you aren’t left hanging until the next book in the Nocturne Falls series is published.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons You Should Read This Book:

  1. The town celebrates Halloween 24/7. How cool is that? And how easy does that make it for the things that go bump in the night to hide in plain sight?
  2. The vampire has a grandma. Yep! A nagging, interfering, domineering grandma.
  3. There’s a gargoyle. I love gargoyles! (I think this may be reminiscent of that gargoyle cartoon I watched when I was a kid).
  4. The cat’s name is Captain Underpants.
  5. The leading lady can bake.
  6. There are day walking vampires.
  7. The ice cream store is called “I Scream.”
  8. The leading lady is strong willed.
  9. There are mobsters. Like “Are you talking to me?” kind of mobsters.
  10. There’s a man-whore brother and a broody, tragic brother in addition to the brother with a string of jilted lovers and a I-killed-my-wife complex. All are vampires.

I recommend this book for a fun read.