Free Blogging Resources are the best. Especially when it comes to blogging. Most of us don’t make any money in this gig, so we have to pinch pennies where we can. 

Perfect Posts

1. Grammarly is a free plugin for Chrome and a website for writers, it corrects grammar issues, within your browser. You can also upload word documents onto the site. This is a rudamentary tool, which just checks for spelling and small grammar issues, but you can upgrade for a more intense version.

2. Google Docs

Free, free and more free stuff from Google. Google Apps has everything from shareable Word type documents, so you can collaborate with other authors.

3. Canva

Create the perfect title card, promo graphic and inner post graphics with Canva – a free tool for creating graphics. They are putting me out of business.

4. Hemmingway

Similar to but this one has a desktop version. It also is good to use both, just in case. I also find Hemmingway not as finicky as Grammarly, which always wants me to install the plugin over and over again. Another plus, it will give you suggestions, like too many adverbs, or sentence structure needs work.

5. Word 2 clean html

You know what annoys me? When I write my blog post in Word and then I copy and paste it into WordPress and suddenly I have all these styles and divs and extra stuff that I just didn’t want, so when I got to preview my post it looks like fonts threw up on my page. Word 2 Clean fixes that. Paste it in there and it cleans it all up and makes it nice and easy to read.


Do you use any other free resources when writing your posts? Please share.


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