A Dishing Junk Special

Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

Great new stories soon to be published & made into movies!

Have you read the book, watched the movie, watched the movie again, bought it on DVD and watched it again – and now need something else to read/watch and obsess over? Well, you are in luck – I’ve just gotten word that a MAJOR publisher is searching the fanfiction sites for popular pieces and have teamed up with a MAJOR studio to publish and film them for the NEXT sensation. Now, nothing has been released yet, but you guys know that one of my siblings is a MAJOR player in THE industry – and she…err he gave me some hot tips that we just might be seeing these in the not so near future:



The Magic Within by K.D. Fang

In this stunningly portrayed romance, loosely inspired by the novels, about the British Wizard with a Scar. K.D. Fang, debut author, takes us on an epic journey, through a magical and sexy world.

Hunter Paxton, abandoned by his parents at an early age, learns about life on the tough streets of London. He takes the next step and becomes a male prostitute and flourishes in the trade. On his twenty-first birthday, he is visited by Hawk, the groundskeeper of the exclusive School of Pleasure & Magic, and Hawk lets him know that he is a Wizard of Pleasure and must attend the school, because it is his destiny. On Harlem’s first day he becomes fast friends with Rafe and Harper and together they explore the school and the pleasures within. There is a dark side to the School of Pleasure & Magic though. Deep in the bowels of the school lies a secret, the secrets of dark pleasure magic, and one wizard Vilderbrant, lures Hunter to explore the dark magic…does Hunter have the will-power to resist Vilderbrant’s dark lustfulness, or will Hunter forever be lost to the darkness?




One Hungry Reality by Helena Clip

Inspired by the pop-culture phenomenon that is that book and movie where the children must fight to survive in a terrifying future, but this isn’t that book/movie. This is another one, loosely inspired by that one.

Kalyn Selena Renee Smith is just your ordinary girl, she’s rather ugly actually. But, when she wins a contest and becomes the next reality television star, her whole life changes. She only had to go through a few cage matches with leading MMA fighters, but it was easy and now she is America’s sweetheart. The problem is, one of the men she has to fight, loves her, even though she’s not quite sure about it…and the other problem, she is kind of in love with a guy from back home, but she’s not quite sure about that either. Luckily for her, both guys become close friends and decide that they love each other and they all battle it out on reality television…



Blizzard by Felicity Maher

Deep in the woods of the Montana wilderness there is a town that has the most snowfall in all the world. A boy, comes home to live with his mother after a few years, because he flunked out of college and needs to get a new perspective on life.

Quiet, a little clumsy and with a low self-esteem, the boy meets the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and there is instant attraction. Unfortunately it’s his step-sister and she just happens to be a were-yeti. And even though she’s his step-sister, she lives on the mountain with her other were-yeti sisters and brothers that she’s made a life with and they don’t eat humans, they eat deer and call themselves were-vegetarians. And as their love blossoms in the snow, an enemy pops up on the radio – a non-vegetarian were-yeti that wants to eat the boy…we can’t have that!!


Which one are you going to read first????

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