Loving Ean by Elle Christensen was revealed on May 5th and is scheduled for release in July. Poor Ean – someone ‘shopped his head and made him see-through.


SS Admella: A Dreaming Billabong Novel – Fool’s Gold Series by Ryn Shell is all sorts of insane. The book is out now – and guess what? You can read it for Free on Kindle Unlimited. Have fun. An artist actually claims this one as a portfolio piece.

Bad Cover Design

Our final trip down lame lane was actually a cover reveal at the end of April – but I had to include it. This one has WTF written all over it. The book is Dismantled by Yara Greathouse  and it released on May 18, 2015, even though you have to dig deep to find it on Amazon.

Bad Cover Design

So have you experienced any bad cover reveals lately?