Like you guys need a reason to read romance, but I just thought I should reinforce it. 
Everyone needs a little romance in their life, you might be married, single or just “It’s complicated.” Life gets in the way of romance. It shouldn’t. Time to pick up a book.

1. Everyone Should Learn to Swoon


Google Defines Swoon as:


1. faint from extreme emotion.
1. an occurrence of fainting.

Now don’t fall on the floor, but maybe stumble…

2. Learn New Words for Penis…

What do you call it?

Everyone needs to learn at least fifty of them that you can recite off the top of your head.

3. Love

Love is Like...

Admit it, we are all in pursuit of love.

4. You might figure out what you … er like …

What do you like??

How can you know what you like or don’t like if you’ve never even heard of it? And with Romance you don’t have to go out and be all experimental. You get to read about it first. And with the crazy genres out there, you can literally try anything.

5. There is sex in them…

Doesn’t mean you are a big old perv, you just like to read about sex. It’s hot. It’s … well sexy. Enjoy it.

6. These books were written for women…by women.


Men just don’t understand what makes us tick…don’t let them try and talk you into it.

7. Meet the Perfect Man

Perfect Man

You gotta experience the perfect man sometimes, even if it is unrealistic

8. Butterflies Are Awesome


You get to relive the “butterfly” stage over and over again. And you never have to do chores, or deal with the toilet seat being left up, or the fact that he ate pizza at midnight last night and left crumbs all over the stove, or get those little spots of toothpaste spit all over the mirror, or proposition you by flashing you after they leave the shower and consider this romance…

9. Everyone loves a Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

I don’t mean marriage, I don’t mean horses and princes…I mean a woman getting what she wanted. Either in bed, or in life. Happily Ever Afters are just reaching a positive goal a VERY nice goal.

10. You Ain’t Crazy

Crazy Girl

You Realize That Other Women Have the Same Crazy Thoughts & Insecurities, genius!!!