Hello bookworms,

I apologize for not being here last week, but I had a huge Math exam! It’s all done now. I am back!!!

What is this feature?

This is a new feature, where you can participate, telling us your craziest confessions. Here’s how it works. Write a post about your most eccentric bookworm confession, and put your post link below. I will go around checking your blogs, and choosing the craziest bookworm confessions, and featuring them into our next post.

This feature will help create a bond between bookworms, because at the end if we don’t understand one another, then who is going to understand us? Plus we get to see how crazy we really are, and still call that normal. (haha!)

This week’s confessions:

Jade: I make sure I have a book with me everywhere I go, just in case I get the chance to do a little bit of reading whilst waiting for a friend, etc.

Ashley : I’ve been reviewing books for 2 years, and I’ve never requested an ARC. I’ve been given a few ARCs by authors, but I’ve never actually tried to get one. I’m scared of reviewing ARCs. I think it’s because I don’t like due dates or the pressure to review something. I know that I’m perfectly capable of reading a book, writing a review, and posting it on a certain date, but the thought of doing it is stressful for some reason. I should just join NetGalley and get it over with. It won’t be stressful once I’ve done it a few times.

Andrea: I’ve always had this weird habit of when I find a book that I want to read I’ll write it down in a notebook. I even have a special notebook I use that nothing else can be written in it, it’s just for my books and I’ll get kind of crazy if anyone tries to mess with it. Well, ever since I’ve started blogging and connecting with other book bloggers, I’ve began to start going to every blog page I follow and I’ll sit and write book titles into my little notebook, and the more books in there the better lol.

Lizzie: The only reason I like ebooks is because they are much more portable than physical books. I like actually feeling the pages. So I pretty much only like ebooks is because I have them with me everywhere and can easily read a chapter or two between classes. Plus people can’t bug me by asking what I’m reading!

Last Week’s question: “Do you prefer using bookmarks, or bending the book page?”

Ashley: “Bookmarks, definitely. The only time that I bend the page is when I can’t find a bookmark and don’t have time to look for one.”

Jade: “When I’m reading hard books instead of eBooks, I love using bookmarks, because I can use a different one each time and they always look really nice. The only time I ever bend the book page is to mark a book permanently to save a page with a good quote (The Fault In Our Stars has a lot of folds in it!)”

Lucy: “I hate when I loan out a book and it comes back mauled and I include bending the pages in the category of mauling. Most of my books look new from the bookstore. I wish loaning out electronic books was a little easier. I love that I always get it back and that any marks can be removed.”

Jen : “Bending the pages is a no-no for me. I get unreasonably angry and upset when I lend out my books to people and they do this to my babies. Absolutely agree!”

Andrea: “Definitely bookmarks! I’ll use whatever I can find to use as a bookmark: business cards, scraps of paper, gum wrappers, and unopened band-aids. I use the unopened band-aids the most because my kids love to play with them so there are always some lying around. When I was in grade grade school I used to dog-ear the pages, but I thought that was how you were supposed to do it because everyone else in my class did it. It wasn’t until I got a little older that I started to use a bookmark. Now that’s all I’ll use because when I started buying my own books I tried to keep them in the best possible condition”

Lizzie: “Please do not bring up bending book pages around me. I feel like I’ve been punched in the heart when I see a bent page. If I accidently bend a page, I feel terrible. I apologize to the book and ask for its’ forgiveness. I know it’s a little extreme, but hey, I love my books! And I usually use receipts as bookmarks. I used to have so many bookmarks, but I’ve somehow lost them all…”

Marsha: “I raise my hand and swear I just got the shivers like fingernails on a blackboard at the very thought of bending book pages.  *visible shudder* I have a lovely collection of bookmarks from vacations, presents, saw it and just had to have it – that is the only way to mark the place in one of my books.  I get violent when a book is returned to me with bent pages.  My own mother used to do this and it drove me crazy.  Needless-to-say, she got pretty new bookmarks every single Christmas. On the now rare occasion when I do loan out physical books, several bookmarks go with them – with stern instructions to use them or else no more books loans for you.  I will be frank in that I am anal retentive about never bending or folding down book pages.  Never, ever.”

Terri : “Bookmarks. I have a whole stack of them on my bookshelf. :)”

Elizabeth: “I dog-ear the pages unless I borrow from a friend. I feel badly about it, but whenever I try to use a bookmark I lose it. Maybe I should get a clippy one. It’s really bad, too, because I’m often the first person to check the book out of the library. When that happens I usually start off w/ a bookmark and good intentions, but then lose it.”

This Week’s question: “Which character would be your best friend in real life?”

Uhm, I know I am always saying “Dracula” for everything, but yeah, it is him. I actually have a feature in my blog called “If Dracula was my BFF”. Haha! He is actually quite the bookworm. If you have read the book (and not seen the movies), you know that he has a huge library in his castle, and he has read all those books.