Hello Bookworms,

How have you been feeling on this fine Wednesday? It is 5 AM here, and I have woken up this early to finish my post. (Also because I have a Chemistry Exam).

What is this feature?

This is a new feature, where you can participate, telling us your craziest confessions. Here’s how it works. Write a post about your most eccentric bookworm confession, and put your post link below. I will go around checking your blogs, and choosing the craziest bookworm confessions, and featuring them into our next post.

This feature will help create a bond between bookworms, because at the end if we don’t understand one another, then who is going to understand us? Plus we get to see how crazy we really are, and still call that normal. (haha!)

Anyways, let’s jump to our weekly confessions:

Lizzie: I am terrible at turning in books on time. I’ve gotten better, but I still forget about due dates and often times will not get to the book because I’ll be busy with school, work, and other stuff. I’ll extend the time I can check it out for, and then frantically try to finish the book in the few days before the new due date. I guess that’s another example of how I need to work on my scheduling and time management skills…

Jade: If I’m reading eARCs, I make sure they are sent to me as a pdf so I can read them on my PC if I have nothing to do at work…

Last Week’s Question was: 

“In which book would you like to live?”

Jade: HARRY POTTER! I haven’t even finished all of the books (but I am quickly getting through them) and I just have to go to Hogwarts in my next life!

Lizzie: HARRY POTTER!! Duh!! Slytherin pride here! I’m still waiting for my letter, even though I should have gotten it more than 8 years ago…

Jen: I prefer reality. I mean the Inkworld Universe is pretty kickass and I love the Vampire Academy universe a lot, but I’d die after 4 seconds. I’d rather not die before turning 25, so let’s not do that.

Goldie: Hogwarts, yes! And I want to be in Gryffindor House and be friends with Hermione 😀

Terri: I’m still thinking about your time travel question from last week and I decided, based on a quote from The Reluctant Assassin, I wouldn’t want to time travel back in time. 🙂

“The sun was already long past the spire when Garrick purchased a mug of coffee from his regular man on the tip of Oxford Street. But his palate had been educated by 21st century coffee, and he judged this mug as bilge water not fit for the Irish.”

What book would I love to live in? Nothing specific, but I would love to be in a book that takes place in the heyday of Hollywood.

(We will all make a great Hogwarts Team, haha!)

This Week’s Question:

Do you prefer using bookmarks, or bending the book page?

I know,  I know, weird question! Personally, I prefer using bookmarks. It is something about bending the page, which drives me insane. I hate it with a passion! Also, I hate it when I let people borrow my books, and they return them with pages bent, even if I have warned them about it, and I have given them free bookmarks.

What about you?