Do you want more blog interaction & followers?

What am I talking about — everyone wants more followers on their blog! It is nothing new, you can find posts upon posts on how to do this.  There are some tried and true methods, but there are some that are going to be unique to your blog and our niche. You have to understand your target market and where they are hiding. Then you have to target those readers and offer them quality content to lure them in. It is not an easy task…but I think you might be up for it.

Blog Every Day

Promote & Interact on Social Media

When I see that a blogger or author is not on twitter, I get a bit frustrated. Get on Twitter, get on Facebook and start making friends! Why aren’t you doing this? Then get on Digg, Stumbleupon, Booklikes, Google+, Tumblr…the list goes on…and share your content. Extend your reach. Interact with your followers. Share fun content, not just your blog post, stupid blooper vids, funny gifs, cat memes. Anything that will get a like, retweet or comment.

Go Forth & Comment

Go out there and comment on other people’s blogs. It’s not all about you! Leave your url in the name area (not a Follow me please url) not the comment area, to increase your search engine optimization and also allow the blog owner to visit back. Make sure your comment is thoughtful and relevant and it starts or adds to a conversation.

Quality Content

Make sure you post ORIGINAL, frequent/consistent content. Google is putting more emphasis on “different” and “quality.” They want to return useful information in their search queries, instead of keyword saturated posts. If you post frequent/consistent, on topic content, you’ll attract readers looking for that type of information. Make sure you always state your opinion and post from your heart, not what you think other people want to hear. If you are just delivering regurgitated promotional copy, you might find yourself without an audience. Readers and Google will not want to be on your site if they see the same information on numerous other outlets.

Link It Up

A good way to build community relations is by linking to other blogs in your posts. Most blogging software has trackback links and this is like giving another blog a compliment.


There are always forums for whatever niche you find yourself blogging within. Participate in those forums, comment on threads, start your own and always include your URL in your signature. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers and find out information about your blogging niche.

Email Signature

Speaking of signatures, you should also have an email signature with your blog URL. Every email you send out should have your url at the end of it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just your url.

Guest Post

Another great way to drive traffic your way is to make an appearance on another blog. Offer to review a book for another book blogger, or write a top ten list. Anything. The best way to gain more exposure is to target high ranking blogs than your own, but any exposure helps, even it if it on peer blogs.


Host a contest. This is a great way to drive traffic, especially if it is a good prize.

Share it

Make sure you include share links on your blog. Those fancy little twitter, Facebook, pocket links at the bottom of posts. This way when you do get a reader they can easily share the post if they like it.

Get Creative

It is your blog and your potential readers, you need to get creative. Think of ideas that will bring in more traffic, events and contest that are original and uniquely yours. You can also publicize your blog in original way. Don’t just use the old standards. Try new things like using Instagram, Vine Videos, audio clips and YouTube to promote your blog posts. Anything is game. If it hasn’t been done before, maybe you’ll start a trend.