Things are changing at the PJV! I have some very exciting but sad news.

This isn’t the first time you are hearing it from me, my review views are just WAAAY down. No one reads my reviews. No one. I’m lucky if I get one view. One. And a comment – what are those?? On reviews anyway. My readers don’t like my reviews, they like my other stuff.

Take a look at these horrible stats! This just proves my point:



So, I’ve decided to stop beating around the bush. Why even bother with book reviews? will still promote books and authors, but we will also open it up to tech, products and things that will help us in our everyday lives. We’ve even accepted a few tentative sponsors for our Β new foray, including one from Google – to beta test and review their new eInk reader that they will be launching to go hand in hand with the new Google Play features.

New Product from Google

For the last 3 years I have been reviewing products on Amazon exclusively, but now I believe I shall bring those reviews to this blog – which will allow me to give away these gadgets and open up the site to sponsors. Which will mean – more giveaways! Come on, don’t you want to win this fancy new air filter that I just got in this morning and have slated for review??

Aire Purifier


But, that is just a drop in the bucket! Along with product reviews we have a whole load of new features coming to the blog!

  1. Blog Tech Reviews
  2. More tutorials! Including DIY projects and recipes
  3. Movie and DVD reviews and releases
  4. Daily blog hops!
  5. Funny picture days
  6. Cute Kitty Features
  7. Book hoarding self-help guides

And that is to just name a few!!! We can’t wait to get started on this new Parajunkee’s View. Big, plans, big plans I say!

What do you think of the changes?Β 

And by the way — April Fools! <3