Welcome to Spring! You shouldn’t just clean your house this spring, you should also give your blog a clean-up.

Blogger Spring Cleaning

Tips & Tricks – Clean up your blog


Clean your blog


  • Remove unused widgets, if they are installed on your blog they are eating up space.
  • Remove unused plugins, these too suck away your bandwidth and your storage space
  • Do a broken image search
  • While you’re at it, check for broken links –> Try this!

CLean up your blog

  • Take it off your sidebar, if it is not essential it needs to go away
  • If no one is using your “share” plugin, ditch it
  • If you have a meme that you participate in, but gets no comments or pageviews, time to think up a new strategy
  • Blogger shout-outs but no reciprocal link? Support someone else that supports you!

Clean up your blog

Spring Cleaning isn’t just about what your readers see…

  • Clean up your tags, do you use reviews and review? Change it to just review. Consolidate your tags and streamline them for easy user searching.
  • How many drafts do you have? Go through your old drafts, write and schedule them or ditch them.
  • Ditch themes that you haven’t used and don’t plan on using.

Clean up your blog

  • Check your pages – all of them. About, Contact, Review policy. Change dates from 2014 to 2015, delete unnecessary content, update rules and regulations.
  • Check your posts, if you have old posts that are still getting traffic, refresh the content.
  • Revise your policy pages
  • Check your navigation system


Enjoy your happy refreshed blog. Next week we’ll do a bit of “revamping” on the blog.

clean up your blog