Hello Bookworms,

It’s me, Anila, and here we have the confessions of a bookworm #2. On a side note, I’d like to thank everyone, who commented, and took part of this feature.
This is a new feature, where you can participate, telling us your craziest confessions. Here’s how it works. Write a post about your most eccentric bookworm confession, and put your post link below. I will go around checking your blogs, and choosing the craziest bookworm confessions, and featuring them into our next post.
This feature will help create a bond between bookworms, because at the end if we don’t understand one another, then who is going to understand us? Plus we get to see how crazy we really are, and still call that normal. (haha!)

This week I found out that for the love of books:

Marsha  searches through book sales, garage sales, and obscure bookstore dusty stacks for different covers, or earlier books by her favorite authors, until she has as complete collections of different editions.
Vivien pets the book as if it’s a cat, like Jopling in The Grand Budapest Hotel. She calls it in weird nicknames. (Petition to Vivien’s parents to buy her more books: She complained in the comments section telling me that her parents don’t buy her books anymore!)
Paul volunteered to clean the kitchen after one of his wife’s cooking marathons, only because he could listen to more of an audiobook. (And if my mom reads this, she will buy me audiobooks, in order for me to clean the kitchen.)

Usually bookworms prefer the books over the movie. Candy can watch movies with certain elements, but she can’t read a book with the same elements: zombies, terminal illness or something like that where a main character dies, deep space, military, or horror.

Kymberlee, who is a librarian, dreams of being a Broadway singer. While she’s driving to work, she pretends that she is in some huge show, and she makes sure the people driving next to her get the show of their lives!

There are other bookworms, who shared their confessions, but I will feature them next week.
I have a question for this week:
Would you rather go on vacation, or spend the money going to one of your favorite author’s book tour stops?

This is a Blog Hop!

You can write your confession and put the link there, this way I can choose the most eccentric ones for the next week: