Admit it, you’ve seen a great t-shirt and wished you had the balls to actually put it on and walk around in public (not at a book con, that is cheating). If you do have the stones, more power to you, if you are anything like me, though – it’s a bit harder to insult the general unwashed masses just by walking around in a certain graphic tee…

Shout it loud – book boyfriends are much better than the real ones.


Book boyfriends don’t leave you at home while they go drinking in bars with their buddies, book boyfriends don’t forget your anniversary, book boyfriends are smokin’ hot, they don’t belch, they don’t enjoy watching football more than spending time with you…they are smokin’ hot. Ok, I might where this one.

Don't talk to me I'm reading

I don’t know why this is so hard a concept to understand by the unwashed illiterate. “Whatcha reading?” Really? You can’t see the cover that I have plastered in front of me so I’m not making eye contact with you? Why is this so hard to grasp? Ok, I might wear this one too.

I like books more than people

This one might be a little more insulting than the other tees, but it’s true. You think this shirt would go over well at my next PTA meeting?

Read More! Your stupidity is showing

Maybe a bit less offensive? At least people could pretend this wasn’t about them, maybe spark a giggle. “I’m not stupid, I read a book last year.” 

Fifty Shades of Gray Tee

This tee is just for me. I’m so sick of this convo:

Them: “So, you really like books?”

Me: “Yup.”

Them: “So, you read that FIFTY SHADES book?”

Me:  {sigh}

Them: “I devoured all three.”

Me: {sigh}

Them: “Did you see the movie?”


And so yeah…this one.

If you have the stones – you might be interested in checking out the tees here:

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