PJV Quickie: First I must mention that this was originally published as a serial, but I’ve read the 320-page book, titled STORM FORCE, series OMEGA FORCE #1. I’m assuming there will be many more in the series, which is fine by me. Sandlin combined too epic romance genres, paranormal and military in a very epic way.

REVIEW: Sandlin’s new series focuses on the concept that shifters are real and now some people in the government know about them. Former special forces Jack “Kell” Kellison is now the leader of a counter-terrorism group called Omega Force. The group is comprised of elite soldiers and shifters, trained and working together to stop threats on the U.S. government. The team is tasked with infiltrating a group that is suspected of bombing a large corporate building in Houston. The group is run by a feisty environmental  activities, Mori Chastaine and the moment Kell steps into her office he knows that while she might be hiding something, she isn’t a terrorist. Now with options running out for Mori, Kell, who she believes is just a former military volunteer, is her only option to help her out of the mess she’s landed in.

Military Romance meets Paranormal Romance in this character-driven novel that will have you flipping pages faster than you can say “swoon.” Sandlin knows how to write a plot-driven romance and with her focus on the Gulf South area it brings a new dimension to my enjoyability. The characters are the main focus of this novel, you get an in-depth look at Kell and Mori and the intricacies of their life. You also get very substantial secondary characters that I’m assuming will be the focus of later novels in the series. This wasn’t one of my favorite of Sandlin/Johnson’s books, but it’s hard to top her Urban Fantasy, Sentinels of New Orleans series, so that is just a light statement. If you like romance more than Urban Fantasy, you might think different than I do. The book felt like there was a pre-established plot and the world wasn’t as established as I would have liked. Not to mention some of the character actions didn’t make sense and were obviously written to increase the drama and force a confrontation in an intense situation. I didn’t get the scene where they went to the swamp in the middle of a hurricane. Other than that, I did enjoy the book and I can’t wait to read more from the series.

RECOMMENDATIONS: This is for adult fans of Military and Paranormal Romance. If you like one or the other and would like to try something new, check out the OMEGA FORCE series by Susannah Sandlin.

About the Book

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Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin

Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin

Series: Omega Force #1
Published by AmazonEncore on 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 331
4 Stars

As leader of the elite counter-terrorism team Omega Force, former army ranger Jack “Kell” Kellison is always focused on getting the job done. So when a Houston high-rise is bombed and the governor killed or missing, Kell’s mission is clear: infiltrate the group suspected of the bombing and neutralize the threat by any means necessary. But once Kell meets beautiful chief suspect Mori Chastaine, he realizes there’s more to this case than meets the eye. And more to Mori than any man—any human man—could imagine.

Mori Chastaine is running out of options. Suspected for a crime she didn’t commit, forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, she sees no escape—until Kell walks through her door. A lifetime hiding her true nature warns her Kell might not be who he seems. But he could be the only one able to help save more innocent humans from becoming pawns in an ancient paranormal power play. If Mori reveals her secret, will Kell join her fight? Or will she become his next target?

About the Author

About Susannah Sandlin

Susannah Sandlin is the author of paranormal romance and romantic suspense, often set in the Deep South, where there are always things that go bump in the night! A journalist by day, Susannah grew up in Alabama reading the gothic novels of Susan Howatch, and always fancied herself living in Cornwall (although she’s never actually been there). Details, details. She also is a fan of Stephen King. She is the author of the Penton Legacy series (REDEMPTION, ABSOLUTION, OMEGA, ALLEGIANCE), The Collectors series (LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP and DEADLY, CALM, AND COLD) and the standalone novel STORM FORCE.