Social Media is integral to blogging. You gotta do it, you gotta do it right to make an impact. You ready? Here is a day to day script pattern to be a social media guru.



Twitter To-Dos

  • Share your post
  • Retweet three great posts
  • Respond to your @s
  • Tweet out a fun comment
  • Follow someone who retweeted you
  • Tweet out an popular archive post
  • Ask a question



Facebook To-Dos

  • Reply to comments
  • Respond to DMs
  • Share your post
  • Like comments
  • Engage in groups
  • Schedule a post
  • Comment on another page



Google+ To-Dos

  • Share your post
  • Share a great post
  • + Great content

Pinterest To-Dos

  • Pin your homepage
  • Pin a friends blog
  • Pin an archive post

Instagram To-Dos

  • Daily “life” shot
  • Daily “inspiration” shot
  • Daily #amreading shot
  • Book Haul shot


  • Check & Respond to your emails
  • Find a funny picture to share on social media (share it cross outlet)
  • Search the blogosphere for inspiration for blog posts
  • Check niche news outlets for hot new topics
  • Find new blogs to follow
  • Use an image to add a visual to your tweets & posts
  • Share useful information (cross outlet)
  • Engage in conversations
  • Tweet or Post something nice about another blogger/follower






  • Comment on five blogs
  • Share a great blog post on social
  • Save a blog post to share for later




  • Check your stats for your most popular posts
  • Share your popular posts on social
  • Expand on your popular posts in a future post

Now that you are all revved up to be a social media guru – go out there, Share, Like and ReBlog. Do a girl a favor and start with this one:

Social Media Infographic