I DNF’d DEEPER by Blue Ashcroft because:

  1. The writing was amateurish and immature
  2. The character’s actions and mental processes did not make sense
  3. Forced trauma to extend the plot and exacerbate dramatic romantic interactions

Read on for the full review of DEEPER:

PJV Quickie: A “freebie find” on amazon.com, I was suckered in by a range of good reviews and an intriguing New Adult Romance synopsis about lifeguards. We all like sexy lifeguards right? I was fooled and reading this book was comparable to asphyxiating on a sweet tart, very hard to get down with a sweet but sour aftertaste.

Review: There is this heroine, broken, of course, all torn up about the death of this guy named William. You get the “broken heroine” issue right from the start in the sickly sweet first sentence:

“He meets my eyes across low burning ashes, the first guy to take my breath away since William died.”

I should have known there. So, yeah this heroine, her name is Rain. Rain. Can’t fall in love, swore a vow of celibacy blah blah. Playboy hero, abs of a god, movie-star good looks, blah blah. It wouldn’t be a New Adult romance if that wasn’t present, right? Oh wait, did I mention that the über hot hero is broken too? Yes, they are both broken. Oh, wait his name is Knight. You know, like White Knight. I sense a metaphor. Or is that a simile? I digress though in obviousness. Let’s get back to this brokenness. Their brokenness is an ever-present thing…there…existing…within the deepness of the story, like the ocean, along with his abs. But, these two are so hot and their passion is just simmering – that they can’t resist each other. They date, they don’t date, their brokenness overtakes them.

As I read about these two characters that are almost cartoonish in their bizarre interactions I found myself laughing out loud. Yeah, it was that bad. Between the flowery descriptions, to the “psyche 101” type of behavior I couldn’t stomach this book for long. DEEPER by Blue Ashcroft read like a high schooler’s first attempt in creative writing class. But, I might suggest just grabbing it for free, because it’s – well – free and you might get a few laughs in yourself. Just read the Prologue – here I’ll leave you with a snippet:

Deep Thoughts with Rain:

(Read aloud in the voice of Zoolander)

“I’m tired of sitting on my own, listening to the endless teen conversations that I outgrew last summer. Now I think of deeper things, like how far the ocean goes [The Pacific Ocean is 165 million square kilometers – thank you Google, solved that “deep thought”], and whether stars are alive [stars are gas, gas is not alive, there you go no more wasted thoughts about gas] and if William is out there somewhere watching me [that is creepy and I hope he has something better to do in his afterlife]. Did he see me check out a boy with blue green eyes like a Caribbean sea and thick dark hair made for gripping in passionate moments? Did he see me ponder betrayal? [You like pondered dating for a second how is that betrayal?]”

Overall, not a recommendation from this girl. It was hard for me to come up with one good thing to say about the book. Which is – the author obviously knows about lifeguarding at Waterparks. Nice job there.

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft

Series: Lifeguards #1
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 3rd 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 226
Also by this author: Play Me

Rain Wilson isn’t ever going to love again.

It’s a promise she made the day her boyfriend died in a water park accident, one she still blames herself for. Now she’s a senior lifeguard in a new town with a new pool and she’s just going to keep her head down and everyone safe.

Until a mysterious guy follows her into the waves at the pre-season bonfire and kisses her senseless. It’s just one mistake, and Rain is determined to put it behind her, until the dark haired, blue eyed hottie turns out to be her new co-supervisor Knight Mcallister.

Knight is hot, tatted, and carrying baggage of his own. He’s not happy about having Rain for a co-supervisor, and he’s even less happy about his attraction to her.

But between lifeguard drama, hot underwater kisses, and a growing attraction between them that can’t be stopped, Knight and Rain are being pulled deeper into their pasts, and realizing that sometimes too much broken can make a relationship impossible.

Then again sometimes it’s the broken parts of us that fit together best.

Watch Zoolander they characters actions behaviors make more sense…