Helpful links for book bloggers

Hi there book bloggers! This little niche in the blogosphere has changed a lot in the -err- almost six years that I’ve been doing this, but one thing always stays the same — there are tons of resources for book bloggers if you know where to look for them. Some sites you might have “been there and done that” and others might be a slap-in-the-face of “how did I not know about this?” I just hope that this list helps. It’s not easy being a book blogger and sometimes the rewards are few and far between, depending on the day of the week, so anything to make it a bit easier.


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Social Networks & Forums for Book Bloggers & Readers

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Book Tour Sites for Book Bloggers

These are just a few – I couldn’t list all of them!

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Infographics for Book Bloggers

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Great Sites for Tutorials & Events for Book Bloggers: