Are you ready for it??

The world has exploded into chaos as SHIFTERS are revealed as real.
The chance of a lifetime is here as hot shifter boys and girls are everywhere and you get to choose…

Would you rather:

Hump a Humpback or Pork a Pufferfish?

Humpback Shifter Shifter Wars Porker fish


Boobie Prize Winner

For use of Most Prolific Stock Guy of Awesome and ‘Shopping off his legs.

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Parajunkee's View

Forget the water-logged wankers and make it back to land…

Snog a Snake or Ogle an Ogre?


Shifter Wars


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Parajunkee's View

Shuck the scales and let’s find some fur and feathers…

Would you rather?

Become a Bear’s Bride or Get Engaged to an Eagle?



Shifter Wars



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