I could regale you with my thoughts on this book, go into minute detail about what I thought about this entire point of the story, because it blew me away. If I graded this one on emotional reaction alone, this would get 6 stars. Cole knows how to torture readers. She’s so good at it, her nickname should not be Krazley it should be Eviley… okay that doesn’t sound as good. The reason I am giving it 4 stars though was because of the focus on love-triangle, which gets my girly-happy points revved, but it didn’t satisfy my intellectual self. Because this world is so good, I wanted to roll around in it and get all dirty. But, enough of my explanation, time for the goodies:


Top Ten Reasons You Should Read The Arcana Chronicles Series

1. There is NOTHING else out there like this series. Nothing.

2. The mystery and plot of the story keeps you guessing the ENTIRE time, there is nothing predictable about this series.

3. If you love Love-Triangles this is the series for you

4. The WORLD is amazing, based on Tarot cards, each character is a representation of the Major Arcana

5. It is an APOCALYPSE of epic proportions. You have nature run amok, zombies, evil tyrants, slavers and armies – along with the crazy Major Arcana people with insane powers…

6. It’s like a rated almost R Young Adult series…

7. The characters are OVER the top, you’ll believe they are real people

8. You’ll meet your next book-boyfriend, whatever team you choose…

Arcana Chronicles - The Chariot, by Krista Gibbard

The Chariot, by Krista Gibbard – posted on Kresley Cole’s Tumblr site.

teamdeath TEAM JACKSON
9. You’ll feel so many diffent emotions you might get diagnosed with some mental disorder…

10. It is probably one of the best currently running YA series on the market…

Dead of Winter Discussion

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Let's Talk Dead of Winter


I was stunned at the ending of DEAD OF WINTER, but I am convinced that Jackson is a Major Arcana and at the beginning of the next book Cole will reveal this, after some opining by Evie about the death of Jackson. (THIS IS MY PREDICTION – *evil laugh*)

One of the cards doesn’t know he is a card and will not know until he kills another card. Obviously this is Jack – or am I just emoting because of the fact that I am Team Jackson??

Arcana ChroniclesSo, who might Jack be? You can guess who I think he is (the only card displayed on this post) but available “unnamed” cards are as follows:

  • The Emperor, The Stone Overlord – I highly doubt this one since it is an active card, but it is supposed to be the anti-thesis of the Empress
  • The Chariot, Wicked Champion – In Tarot terms The Chariot is a warrior and represents power. The Chariot is also closely associated with The Fool. It also represents the brining together of sun and moon, light and dark and getting EXACTLY what you want. The missing piece in a puzzle. Hmmmmm….
  • The Hanged Man, Our Lord Uncanny – The Hanged man is an intellectual, a person in pursuit of knowledge. The tarot card represents a sacrifice, but not of death but of perspective. This is probably going to be a very odd character, kind of crazy.
  • The Sun, Hail the Glorious Illuminator – My secondary choice for Jack, well really the only other option.  But this card is usually represented by a child an innocent…someone basically with a child-like perspective of the world. Where the option comes up though is that The Sun is also associated with Apollo and The Empress with Diana – and those two are a pair. Nature needs sun. Another hmmmm….

What do you think? Are you convinced of Jack’s fate? Or do you believe, like me that he will be The Chariot or The Sun?