Proof Your Post Checklist




  • Walk Away – After you write your post, take a break and come back to proof your work.
  • READ ALOUD – Stop staring at your text and read it aloud. The more senses you use the more abilities you have to catch mistakes.
  • CHECK FOR TYPO MISTAKES – Double words like the the and teh instead of the. Double spaces and odd indents, wrong punctuation are common typos when speedy fingers go too fast.
  • COMMA, COMMA – Too many commas are not a good thing. Replace your comma with a period and see if that works better.
  • STUMBLE STOPS – Did you have to reread that sentence? Chances are it is worded awkwardly. Try giving it a rewrite.
  • WRONG WORDS – Do you have an an when you need an and? Spell check doesn’t fix that. Check your There,Their and They’re your Right and Writes.
  • PREPOSITIONS – Fast typing can lead to common errors, one of which is forgetting prepositions or placing them in the sentence incorrectly. Where is she going to? Should be replaced with: Where is she going?

Proof Your Blog Post



  • LINK CHECK – Check your links, do they work? Do they open in a new window?
  • INTERNAL LINKING – Link one of your older posts to this post.
  • HEADLINE – Check your headline, any issues? Add a keyword if relevant.
  • PERMALINK – Don’t use the default permalink. Change it, insert a keyword, shorten it.
  • IMAGES – Do you have rights to your images? Did you properly credit them?
  • SEO IMAGES – Rename images to the keyword for your post. ALT TAGS – Do your images have ALT tags?
  • PREVIEW – Always preview your post in your browser.
  • TAG – Is your post tagged and categorized correctly?

Don’t let your bad grammar hang out.

Common misused words:

YOUR – Shows possession
YOU’RE – Contraction of You Are

AFFECT – Shows Change
EFFECT – Shows Results

ACCEPT – Receiving
EXCEPT  Excluding

FEWER – Are you counting?
LESS – Not counting?

THERE – No possession
THEIR – Possession
THEY’RE – Contraction of They Are

THAN – Comparing words
THEN – Tells time

WHOM – Him or Her
WHO – He or She

Blog Post Checklist Infographic