Google Apps

Free Software for Bloggers
For free tools, Google is your Go-To of awesome. Some of the best online tools can be found within their pantheon of online gizmos and software. The main software programs that are best utilized for blogging are Blogger and Google Docs. I wouldn’t recommend using Google for information that needs to be confidential or kept safe, but they are great tools to use if you are looking for very cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive pro versions. Blogger is a great free blogging platform. Google docs are great for sharing information, setting up forms and spreadsheets and collecting and posting information over the internet. Other great tools they offer include Feedburner, Gmail and Google Analytics for SEO.




Jealous of all the fancy graphics and images that you see all over the blogsphere? You don’t need Photoshop, all you need is PicMonkey and you can make your own header, or image collage. It’s a great tool and it’s free. They offer a premium version but I don’t think it’s worth it since it’s a monthly fee.



Canva Free Blogging Tool
A free site with templates to create Facebook covers, text graphics and much more. They charge you $1.00 for stock images, but if you just want typography – it’s all free.





If your feed is under 2000 subscribers, MailChimp is a great tool. It’s very affordable and you can send out monthly newsletters. But, if your feed goes bigger than 2000 then they begin to charge you and IMOs.



Blogging Free Tools
Ever wanted a place you can just “dump” all your info, pictures, drawings and even voice notes? Evernote is a program that you can sync up via computers, on your iPad and even mobile. The program is even searchable, so dump away and you can search it. Combine it with prorgrams like Stitch for even more fun.



Free Blogging Tools
I don’t know what I did before Dropbox. My life was a lot harder. Save all your files to the cloud and share them easily with collaborators.



Blogging Tools
Why buy Word, Excel and Powerpoint when you can download NeoOffice for free? I’ve used NewOffice for years and while it’s not as pretty and streamlined as the Mircrosoft suite, but it is free and that makes a hell of a difference. You can also export and import Word documents.



Bloggers Must Needed Software
Addicted to this free software. I can line up all my twitter feeds, tweet from multiple accounts and few my timeline, mentions and DMs all in one glance. It has had it’s hiccups, but it beats out any other software. I tried using Hootsuite for awhile, but I like the independent app of Tweetdeck.