I admit it, I’m a book addict. Now stand up with me and admit it…now admit that you do weird things. Really weird things. Maybe you do one of these things…

1. Sniff Books

Book Sniff

2. Build Book Forts

Book Nerds Build Forts

3. Book Hoarding is Brag Worthy


4. Confuse a Fiction Friend for a Real Friend

Harry Potter

5. Get Book Related Injuries, usually from books hitting faces when falling asleep…

Sleeping with a book


and just a few more…

  • Can’t help but judge someone who doesn’t read.
  • Remark that their favorite piece of furniture are the bookshelves.
  • Laugh out loud when thinking about the scene they just read (even though they aren’t reading at the moment).
  • Have five or more books stacked up next to their beds.
  • Have five or more books in the bathroom (don’t judge!)
  • Have five or more books in their car.
  • Have five or more books stashed in key locations…you name it, they are there.
  • Can tell you more about their favorite book characters than they can share about their friends.
  • Would rather read than go to a social function.
  • Have mastered the art of reading while standing in line, in the drive-through, while Β working…