PJV Quckie: I love a good psychological thriller, especially ones with serial killers. FULL TILT was right up my alley, in the same vein as Criminal Minds, the television show.  FULL TILT was a scary and emotional book that left me shivering when it was time to turn the lights off!

Review: The novel, FULL TILT is the story of Kate Page, a successful crime reporter. Kate became a journalist because of her own experiences. She lost her sister at a very early age and never felt that she was dead – so she’s been searching for her in her spare time, using her resources as a journalist. When the discovery of a murder/suicide raises questions that lead back to Kate’s missing sister, Kate latches on to the story like a pitt-bull and won’t stop until she gets her answers, even if it means breaking a few rules. She knows that this is it, this is the moment she has been waiting for al her life.

FULL TILT by Rick Mofina was a very detailed and intense book. The underlying plot of death and destruction made my skin-crawl. I enjoyed the sickness of the whole thing, but also Kate herself, who was a good character and felt real.

Mofina’s writing was a little harder to swallow than the actual story it told, his style was very dry and had a show-me feel at times, but if you can get past his style, you’ll find the novel to be very engrossing.

Recommendations: If you like crime novels, serial killers, that sort of thing – FULL TILT is a book you want to check out. There is violence and graphic depictions of murder (not too gory though) so this is for mature readers.