Day 31: Put your blog to the test

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to put your blog to the test.

The 31 Days of Better Blogging comes to a close today. I hope everyone learned something and maybe improved their blogging a tad bit better. Now it’s time to test out your blog and see how it measures up. No pressure.

Ten Ways to Test Your Blog

  1. Test the speed of your blog, use sites Website Speed Test. They say you should shoot for about 3 seconds to load. A blog that takes a long time to load might turn away a lot of visitors. Use the speed test to see what is slowing down your blog.
  2. Check your HTML, XHTML code using the W3C Markup Validator. Then check your CSS using the CSS Validator.
  3. Test out your server by doing a Load Impact test. This tests if your server has what it takes to withstand a lot of activity.  This is a great test to run if you are worried about what host you are using, if it has what it takes.
  4. Use BrowserShots to see how your page looks on ALL internet browsers. You might be surprised.
  5. Your site might not be very accessible to people with disabilities. Use sites like HERA to see how your site holds up.
  6. Is your site mobile friendly? Check it using Mobi. Google also has a good mobile site checker to use. Having a working, mobile friendly site is very important to your blog.
  7. Check security, RSS and the general status of your blog using Is My Blog Working. This is an overall check and you can see a lot of issues that you might not be aware of while running the test.
  8. Check for broken links using the Broken Link Checker. Once you locate those links, fix them quickly.
  9. Check your SEO using sites like Plugin SEO. Sites like this help you target issues that might be easily fixed and increase your search engine rankings.
  10. Check how popular your site is, how engaged your users are and other stats using Alexa

Thanks for doing the 31 Days of Better Blogging with me. I hope it helped and you’ve seen significant improvements with your blog. I know I have! Happy Blogging!