Day 30: Brainstorm

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to brainstorm at least two new ideas for your blog!

Brainstorming ideas can be one of the hardest parts of blogging. We are constantly being asked to generate new ideas. As a marketing professional we were usually expected to generate marketing ideas that would last a year or more, in the age of the internet and online promotion, marketing ideas have a shelf life of maximum six months. In our blogging niche, new ideas are being generated, adapted, modified, “borrowed,” and then adapted again over and over again.

Can you feel the pressure?

There are new ideas out there, you just have to take the time to come up with them. So, get brainstorming!

How to Brainstorm like a Boss:

  • Take it to a new location, step out of your usual box. Go to the coffee shop. Go to the park. Make sure you bring your notebook with you!
  • Check out something new. Get your ideas from other outlets. Take an art class, or visit a museum, a scheduled community event. See what type of events and organization those locales run and adapt them to your blogging.
  • Don’t break under the pressure. Be relaxed. Don’t force yourself to generate ideas. If nothing is coming to you, take a time out.
  • Write it all out. This is called a brain dump. Just write anything that comes to mind. Don’t judge it, don’t modify it, just write.
  • Group Therapy. Are there other bloggers in your area? Organize a meet and great, or just a coffee date where you can discuss ideas with each other. Brainstorming is fun to do in groups.

Tips for brainstorming:

  • Always write it down – no matter what
  • Sit in a comfortable spot
  • Be well-rested
  • Don’t over-think it
  • Get it done and then walk away
  • Revisit after a break