Day 29: User Friendly

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to make sure your blog is user friendly!

User Friendly Blog Checklist:

Checklists are great, aren’t they? But this one might be a little tough to see with a discerning eye. Ask a friend to go through this checklist with you, or look over it yourself and then ask a friend to look over it after you.

Home Page

  1. Is your homepage uncluttered?
  2. Can you figure out what your blog is about from just glancing at your homepage?
  3. Does your homepage give a feeling of “stay and play awhile?”

Menu & Navigation

  1. Is your menu system in the right spot?
  2. Is your menu system easy to navigate?
  3. Is your menu system on every page?
  4. Are your links on your navigation system working?


  1. Everything is clean and organized?
  2. There is a nice contrast between text and page?
  3. Font is easy to read
  4. Font size is legible
  5. There is nice spacing between elements
  6. Images and widgets are not popping out of margins?
  7. Images are high quality and you can legally use them?
  8. Design reflects your blog personality.


  1. Are all your links working?
  2. Contact information listed?
  3. Site loads quickly?
  4. Forms work well?