Day 28: Contact Info

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to make sure your contact info is up to date and posted in an easy to find location.

Your Readers Need to Contact You

You would think this is a “no-brainer,” but it isn’t. On a lot of your blogs, there is no contact information. At least anything that I could find. Not even an email. I search. I dig. I can’t find it anywhere. Why?

You must have contact information listed in at least one section of your blog, just in case. In case one of your readers wants to say “hello” or if an author or vendor wants to get in touch with you for a review. They need to have an email. You don’t have to put your address, you don’t even have to put your MAIN email address. Put an email up just for your blog if you are worried about being spammed. I always recommend grabbing a email, with your blog name as the address. Continuity and ease of use.

Where Should You Put Your Email Address?

  • There should definitely be a CONTACT page in your menu
  • Include emails in your About Us or About section
  • Place the email in your footer section, or another menu with a CONTACT page listed again
  • Sidebar About Me section
  • Support or FAQ section
  • Pop-up Contact Box

Worried About Being spammed? Substitute a contact form instead of a listed email address, but I would still recommend listing your emailing near the contact form. Sometimes they do not work, or users are not able to “figure it out.” (Don’t judge). List your email address in the “anti spam” way near it. Try listing it with spaces and written out — parajunkee at gmail dot com

Contact forms are now standard with WordPress & Blogger blogs. In WordPress look for “Add Contact Form” at the top of your page editor and add it to your Contact page. In Blogger it’s a little harder. You add it as a widget then you copy and paste the HTML from the widget into a static page.


  • Always include captcha, standard contact forms are spammed horribly
  • Always include name, email address and a comment section
  • Have the contact form go to an email address that you check regularly