Day 27: Target Audience

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to figure out your target audience.

Use Your Reader Survey to Highlight Your Target Audience

When you posted your reader survey, you should have asked questions like, age, sex and preferred genre.  By asking these questions you can narrow down your target audience. You can figure out if the majority of your engaged readers are bloggers, or if they are readers. If you didn’t get that sort of information from your reader server, sign up for monitoring sites like, which will give you a break down of your readers.

What to do with that information??

  • If you found out the majority of your readership are 18+ you know that you don’t have to worry about writing your Young Adult book reviews with teens in mind, write them with adults reading YA books in mind and you might find that your reviews are better received.
  • Readership mostly adult female and browsing from home? Well, now you know you can get away with more and not have to worry about NSFW postings.
  • If it looks like your readership is mostly in the teen range, well you have to censor your writing a little more than bloggers with an adult readership.
  • Readership browsing from work? Remember that when including auto-play music or graphic images.
  • Only females reading your blogs? But you want to get more men commenting? Think about including more male focused topics and promoting it on more male visited forums.
  • Finding out your audiences preferred genre will also help you realize why some reviews might get more comments than other, if you like you can narrow down your reviews to just those preferred genres

There are many ways you can use your target audience to work for you. It helps you get an idea of who your readers are and armed with that information you can write with them in mind.  By discovering your target audience you can also breath easier if you were worried about a certain age group reading your posts. Knowing your target audience is a way to blog smarter and blog more efficiently.

So, who is your target audience?