Day 25: Blog Schedule

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to set a blog schedule.

Setting a Blog Schedule is Very Important

Life can become overwhelming. Unexpected illnesses or just a change in routine can throw your blog out of whack. For example, I’m usually on a seven day schedule and I have a routine. But, if something like a stomach virus hits the family…it can set me back a few days. With seven days of posts written though, that still leaves me with a few days cushion. My blog doesn’t suffer, even though I might have to write a little harder when I do get back on my feet.

How to get your blog schedule started:

  • At the end of the month sit down with a calendar and sketch out a tentative editorial calendar and  write out post topics.
  • Check for holidays and events. Rework any schedules and blog posts around those dates.
  • Write down any meme you want to participate in and list it on your schedule on the corresponding date.
  • Keep a log of ideas and apply them to dates for future posts.
  • Log release dates for your products/books and mark them on the calendar.
  • Have minimum of three posts written in advance.
  • Don’t be too rigid have a little wiggle room to move things around.
  • Sign up for scheduled posts like Blog Tours to fill in on days that don’t have original content.

Good luck! And have fun scheduling your blog.