Day 24: The Big Interview

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to interview another blogger. Someone you admire.

Interviewing another Blogger is a Great Way to Generate Content That is Cross Promoted

Interviews are hard for me, the pressure kills me. The pressure to ask interesting questions that will generate fabulous responses. Responses that will be interesting to my readers and also not offend or bore the interviewee. I focus on drawing out great information…but that isn’t always that easy.

Interviewing Bloggers, I find, is easier than interviewing authors. Bloggers I can relate to and put myself into their shoes, ask them questions I would want asked of myself. I’ve used this mentality to craft better questions in my other interviews, putting myself in the situation and generating questions that would allow me/interviewee to respond in a way that will generate the possible way.

Tips on crafting a great blogger interview:

  • Target interviewees that are popular, that you admire or you would like to really promote.
  • Target interviewees that your readers will relate to.
  • Try conducting your interview differently, maybe over chat instead of via emailed questions, or try over the phone.
  • Use alternative methods to respond to their responses, instead of generated content.
  • Start with easier questions first.
  • Make sure to let them tell you about themselves personally.
  • Do your research, know about your interviewee before you start asking questions, so you know what questions to ask.
  • Ask questions that your readers might want to know, not questions that just serve your own purpose.