Day 22: Check under the SEO Hood

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to check how well your SEO is doing.

Check Your SEO:

  • Use an online tool like Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Check for broken links, try a site like
  • Check how your site shows up in Google, search your domain name in Google and see if you post titles are coming up and you can differentiate each of them
  • Check your domain rank, or SEOmoz (which is supposed to be similar to how Google ranks your site), use a site called to see where you rank in a scale to 100. They measure your links, to increase this you need to get your site linked on bigger sites.
  • Check who links to your site, use Google’s webmaster tools again
  • Check that your images have ALT tags
  • Update your keyword list, what words are people searching to get to your site?
  • Make sure you don’t have duplicate content.

There are tons of tutorials on SEO that tell you millions of ways to increase your SEO. The basic way to focus on SEO is to work on keywords within quality, original content, having unique titles and a good amount of incoming links from quality blogs. Good luck!

Do you do anything for each post to focus on SEO?