Day 21: Blogger Love Note

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to send a favorite blogger a “love note.”

Blogger’s Love Appreciation

Wouldn’t you like to get an email that let’s you know you are doing a good job? Sure. So would all the other bloggers out there that are trying hard! Pass on a little recognition to them. If there is a blogger out there that you really enjoy, that offers you a lot of value, information or just entertainment, let them know. Send them a “love note” and tell them how much you enjoy their work, enjoy reading their blog or a certain feature they have created.

What do you get out of this?

Not the altruistic type? There are a few reasons you should send a nice correspondence to another blogger…

  • You touch base with another blogger, which is the start of a relationship. Relationships lead to shared information and interactions that can lead to better blogging, networking and collaboration.
  • By offering up the first “olive branch” with compliments and love you take on a giving role which is not looked at with suspicion or that you want something. Bloggers are constantly being bombarded with people asking for something…you are not asking for something. You are giving compliments. Those are rare so they will stand out.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Keep the note simple and short
  • Offer up compliments
  • Don’t gush and go over the top
  • Shoot for professional praise not creepy stalker
  • Include your Blogger name and URL at the bottom (in your signature not in the email text)
  • Don’t ask for anything

I highly suggest that these emails should be sent because you really want to show appreciation for someone, it’s like complimenting your friend on their outfit. Make sure you really think it looks nice and not just a fake compliment. Those will be easy to disregard. You want to make an impression to start a friendship.

Example Love Note
Dear Blogger,
I just read your post INTERPLANETARY CONTACT WITH BOOK BOYFRIENDS and I loved it. It made me laugh. I just wanted to let you know, that post was a rare gem in my RSS feed. Thanks for that.
Kind Regards,
Rachel Rivera