Day 20: Reader Survey

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to survey your readers.

A Successful Blogger Knows What Their Readers Want

How do you know what your readers want, like and need from your blog? YOU ASK THEM.  And you ask them by doing a Reader’s Survey.

What you should learn from a reader’s survey?

  • Who is your reader? Age, sex, location etc.
  • Your reader’s interests, like and genre preferences.
  • The content your reader enjoys on your blog.
  • The content your readers might not enjoy.
  • Any issues with your blog.
  • Any improvements they might suggest.

How to conduct a Reader’s Survey:

  • Post questions on your blog and ask for comments
  • Use Google Docs
  • Use a form plugin like Gravity Forms
  • Use a program like Survey Monkey

Take their answers lightly, not everything your readers suggest may be doable, but analyze it and take it into consideration. Weigh your reader’s needs next to your own personality and blogger mission. You don’t want to step out of your comfort zone, just because you readers want something from you. But, you also want to give them something they will enjoy to read. If they are demanding more from you than you can give, you don’t have to do it. Maybe try to focus what they want in a different way, something you can work with. I also recommend asking if the person being surveyed is just a Reader or a Blogger – because their answers might be very different. Good luck and please take the time to answer my own Reader’s Survey and maybe use it as an inspiration for your own! Survey is a Gravity Forms plugin.