Day 18: Social Network…Go!

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to check out a new social network.

The Latest Social Networks that have potential…

There are a ton of new social networks that pop up and fizzle out quickly – these are the ones that I believe might be worth checking out.

The Latest Social NetworksTsu seems to be popular with the author and book blogger community at the moment. It has a big content developer draw because Tsu claims to offer shared ad revenue to all it’s members.



New Social NetworksMedium

From the co-creator of twitter, Medium just opened to the public in October of 2013 – it works hand-in-hand with Twitter but it’s set up to “write a story” instead of a 140 character tweet. Basically it’s a site to create content and become known as a quality content contributor.





Latest Social NetworksLearnist

People are calling this the Scholarly Pinterest. The point of this social network is to create topic based content, geared to inform and educate.





New Social NetworksSecret

Ever wanted to post something, but didn’t want to be judged because of what you think? Say a political thought, or maybe a confession? Well secret is the platform for you. The program pulls from your Facebook friends, but you’ll never know who posted it! Secret doesn’t seem to have blog promotion potential, but how fun is this??


Have any new social networks that you would like to share??