Day 17: Goals & Missions

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to get a firm grip on your blogger goals and mission. Do you have them? If not – get on that…

Mission Statement

Yes, I know, a mission statement is usually a business thing. But,  think about it – if you are taken on any sort of endeavor, event or forming a group – it is usually a good idea to set up a mission statement. This way you can have a firm path to guide you in the right direction. Even in life we craft mission statements for ourselves. My mission is to live a healthier life, give to charities, raise my children as productive members of society, etc. It’s a path we set for ourselves. We might not always stay on the path, but if we stray it helps us get back on the path easier. Because we have a set path – instead of a meandering trail that is overgrown.

Your blogging mission statement should state the purpose of your blog, who you are writing for, what you are writing about and what you plan to do with your endeavors. Your mission statement represents you and defines what and who your blog is and is about.

By writing a mission statement you can constantly refer back to it as you grow and change. You want it to be you, your blog and you also want it to be flexible enough that it doesn’t pigeon hole you into certain behaviors that you can easily outgrow.

Keep it simple, but make sure it lets the reader know what you are about:

“On Blog of Reading Awesome we strive to provide great reading recommendations for Young Adult and Adult readers, usually with romantic undertones. We offer new releases, giveaways and author features on a daily basis and hope to one day publish our own novel. ”

Setting Blogging Goals:

Goals. Shivering at the thought? I know they can be a bit intimidating – what if you set a goal and never reach it? There has been many an endeavor that I set-out to achieve and then floundered within that path. It makes me rethink my standards the next time I start thinking about the “future.” But, I do know it’s important to have goals, it makes me want to work for something. If I’m just messing around with the blog, no set goal – it becomes quite obvious. My blog suffers.

The solution is to have achievable goals and by setting them and trying to accomplish them, I learn what is achievable and I adapt them to what I need and can accomplish.

I know that by setting goals, at some point I can consider myself a “success.” If I achieve that goal, it’s a personal triumph. I personally consider myself a succes and I want to be a success, don’t you? I want to achieve something. I want to reach that milestone. But, I can’t achieve anything if I have no goal in mind. True in life, true in blogging. By setting goals that are achievable I am giving my blog a purpose and giving it the chance to be successful. On my own terms. I don’t care about what anyone else things, just myself.

Goals will move you forward and focus you on a path. By setting you on a path forward you will become driven and inspired, giving new life to your blog.

I stress, making those goals attainable though – because if you set the bar too high – you can get frustrated and it will have the opposite effect. You don’t want to have your goal be a marathon when you haven’t even started running yet. Shoot for 1 block at a slow jog, before you sign-up for triathlon.

Do you set goals for your blog?