Day 16: The Buddy List

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to create a blogger buddy list.

Everyone wants to make friends and belong to a group. In blogging you can’t just sit back and let your friends come to you. You have to go out there and make friends. Find like-minded individuals with your same goals and sense of purpose and connect with them. Connect with them first via their blogs, then go find them via social media – then take the conversation to email and chat. Fun times ahead – stop grumping about cliques and make your own circle. People naturally form into groups – even in the blogging world.

Who to Put on Your Blogger Buddy List:

  • Bloggers you connect with regularly on twitter
  • Bloggers who comment on your blog regularly and you comment on their blog
  • Bloggers you have met in person and connected with
  • Bloggers that live in your area
  • Bloggers that like the same things you do, books, movies etc.
  • Bloggers that you feel close to just from social media conversations
  • Bloggers that are in the same “social level” as your own, meaning their blog is the same size as your own, twitter following etc. (This helps because it’s easier to connect and relate with these bloggers)
  • Bloggers that share your same goals and purpose
  • Bloggers that are similar but might do it a little differently, you don’t want carbon copies – you want complements

The Importance of a Blogger Buddy List

  • Cross-promotion
  • Expand your friend-list
  • You feel like you belong to a group
  • You have other blogs to promote and focus on…
  • You can connect with them via email or social media and help each other
  • It’s good to have a few bloggers that have your back
  • You have someone to look to for advice
  • You can help out other bloggers
  • Make real friends in this online world

Anyone else searching for a blogger BFF?