Day 15: Idea Journal

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to start an Idea Journal. Grab a notebook – that is all you need!

Ideas. Ideas. I, dears…


As a blogger, organization and having your blog posts prepped is the key to a successful and stress-free existence.

You don’t have to have them written – just know what you want to have up on your blog in the future.

One technique I use continually to track my ideas, is an idea journal. I combat stress and keep my blog fresh by journaling, it’s easy and can even be a creative fuel.

The Key to Idea Journaling For Me:

  1. I do not journal on my computer
  2. I jot down small bursts of genius
  3. I ask myself questions
  4. I keep my journal near me
  5. It is never a finished idea, it is always just the start of one


Keep an Idea Journal