Day 14: Competitors

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to narrow down a list of competitors. Take note of who you think of as “competition” and follow and pay attention to what they do.

First, stop freaking out about the word COMPETITORS. Most of you aren’t competing against each other, readers can read many blogs – not just one. BUT – only so many blogs can get a spot on that HOT HOT HOT blog tour, or the ARC from OMG-I-can’t-even-say-her-name-aloud-because-she’s-the best-author-ever. So, technically, guess what? You’re competing with other blogs. Just like I competed against my BFF in high school for the president of the NAHS. Good if she won, but better if I got it, right?? Altruism be damned! (BTW neither of us won that position and we commiserated in our shared jealousy over the senior that did get the spot!) It’s all about perspective and a healthy competitiveness.  I’m all about healthy competitiveness, I think it makes us strong bloggers, but healthy is the key word. I just recommend that you always keep in mind, if your competitive tactics are pushing a moral boundary, than maybe it’s time to rethink your tactics. Underhanded competitiveness and aggressive tactics can ostracize you in the blogging community and can get you into serious trouble if you step over the line. So, always keep things friendly, it’s just blogging.

Enough of my mommy lecture – let’s narrow down our competitors and see what we can learn from them, right?

Finding Your Competitors:

  • Find out who your competitors are by searching your own keywords
  • Look for books you would love to have gotten an ARC of and see who actually got those ARCs by searching Google
  • Check social media for blogs that your readers are also following
  • Look for blogs that have a little bit more or similar stats (followers)

What to Learn from your Competitors:

  • How often do they post? And what do they post about?
  • What content has the most comments and shares?
  • What type of social media presence do they have?
  • Who are they following and commenting on?
  • What do they have on their sidebars?
  • What type of features does their blog offer?
  • Target what differentiates you from your competitors and build on it.

Turn Your Competitor Into a Complement:

  • Follow and comment on your competitor’s blog
  • Ask your competitor if you can Guest Post on their blog
  • Ask your competitor to Guest Post on your own blog
  • Team up to do a feature or event
  • Email your competitor and make friends, tell them you admire their blog
  • Ask for friendly feedback from your competitor (after an established rapport)

Good luck! And now for a question, do you think of other bloggers as competition? Do you get turned off if it is obvious a certain blogger is very competitive?