Day 10: Email Signatures

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to revamp your email signature.

An Email Signature is Very Important.

But, don’t take my word for it…ok well maybe take my word for it. But, you don’t know how many times I get an email from another blogger and there is no email signature. So I have NO IDEA who they are. Because I don’t recognize your name, I recognize your blog name. And if you don’t have your blog name and the url on the bottom of the email, I’ll have no clue who I’m speaking to. But, thanks for the email.

How do you get Parajunkee to know who she is talking to?

Here are some suggestions as to what to include in your email signature:

  1. Your Full Name and Internet Name
  2. Include | or :: or . to break up the information
  3. Do not use HTML formatting, because a large group of people don’t accept HTML in their email
  4. Keep the images to a minimum. You do not have to include your bloggy button or logo
  5. For emailing publisher, include your mailing address (but keep it off for other “regular” emails)
  6. Include your URL
  7. Include your Twitter name and any other social media profiles you find important
  8. Avoid quotes, legal disclaimers, virus checks and “sent from my iPad”
  9. Have a few emails to switch back and forth between, depending on to what type of recipient or if replying

Examples of a Handy-Dandy Signature:

Rachel Rivera | Parajunkee
Blogger . Designer . Reader

web: (blog) | (design)
twitter: @parajunkee 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just make it informative.