Day 8: Social Media Checks & Balances

Sorry this went out late, I didn’t realize I hadn’t hit schedule! See you can never be THAT prepared!!!

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to clean up your social media. Unfollow people that aren’t needed and focus on the social network that works for you!

Social Media can be Overwhelming make it work for you!

How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Streamlined…

  1. Change Your Profile picture from something generic to something personal to YOU
  2. Change your COVER image to something that is also personal to you
  3. Use a service like Qwitter or Manageflitter
  4. Make sure your reply to all your mentions and comments!
  5. Schedule a few tweets/posts!
  6. Set up your feed to post all those “popular” posts you want to feature.
  7. Retweet/share your favorite bloggers
  8. Organize your followers/follows into lists
  9. Unfollow people that don’t follow you
  10. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your site
  11. Look into some of your “competitors” online and see what they do on their feeds
  12. Weigh your impact on Facebook and Twitter and see which gets you the most “return”
  13. Write up a “social media script” for twitter or Facebook
  14. Track, track, track to see what is working and what is NOT working!