Day 7: Recycle Your Posts

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to recycle a post from a year ago – or longer.

You can’t be ON all the time. Maybe try to repurpose your old content.

Stop looking at me like that – yes you can recycle old posts. It’s doable. It’s legal. It isn’t that skeevy. Shake it off, shake it out, give it a new paint job and post it again.

Find posts that are outdated, maybe a tutorial that you can add new content to. Pull it out, freshen up the content and update your information and then repost it.

Not to mention, if it is good content, but old content, no one is seeing it – so recycling it, by rewriting it, touching it up and reposting it, gives it a fresh lease on life. It is much better for your Google ranking than just tweeting out links to old posts. Even though I suggest tweeting out old post, regularly.

What you have to keep in mind, whenever you recycle – you aren’t just switching the year from 2012 to 2015. You have to go in there and edit the content too, you might be surprised at what you find. Give it an update.

If the content isn’t outdated, or doesn’t really need polishing up – but you do want to recycle it – think about turning it into something else. How about a video instead of a blog post? Or record a podcast – maybe combine it with other similar posts and offer it in a downloadable PDF.

Turn your content into slides or images. This is especially shareable if it is funny content.

How about an infographic?? Those are always a blast to share and read.

You name it, just do it. There are some posts, especially tutorial posts that I rewrite and repost every year. Mostly because the “how-to” needs to be updated. There is nothing wrong with it – if it’s content that MUST be shared, you are doing everyone a public service.