Day 7: Highlight Your Popular Posts

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to discover which posts are your most popular post and highlight them on your sidebar or in a post.

Your Popular Posts are Popular for a Reason

The thing about blogs, they are constantly being updated. So, those spiffy popular posts that everyone thinks are “must reads” get buried under your newer, maybe not as popular content. Yeah, you want the unwashed masses to read ALL your content, but your popular posts are popular for a reason, something your wrote resonated with readers. Let it resonate with more and more readers… don’t let it die.

1. Put a Popular Post Widget on your Sidebar

You don’t even have to use a prepackaged widget, just put 5 links to your most popular blog posts. I know I personally, can not use an ALL TIME popular post plugin – why you ask? Well, because my most popular post has to do with Fifty Shades of Grey and a certain read-along that still gets people that searches “nipple clamps” to my blog. Watch – I do have a plugin – which defaults to Today – click on the All tab under Popular – all FSOG. It is embarrassing. This is the reason I use the Popular Post Tabbed Widget Plugin. Make it work for you, even if you have to code the links yourself.

2. Bottom of Post … if you liked this…

At the end of your posts use a “related content” widget or just a standard promotional snippet to point readers to your most popular content.

3. Sliders

Not the little hamburgers that are oh-so-yummy, but those fancy gadgets that move at the top of a lot of blogs. These are usually the first thing readers see when they visit your blog – they should be your hottest content.

4. About Me & Info Page

Feature your best content on About Me and 411 pages. Feature posts on your pages that are meant to generate email subscriptions.

5. Compilation Post or Page

List your top posts in a compilation post or page that is featured regularly on your blog.

Extra Tips:

  • Don’t forget to tweet out your most popular posts
  • Share your content regularly on social media
  • Join up for post sharing forums and submit your popular posts regularly