Day 4: Top Commenters

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to target who your top commenters are and reciprocate by sending a thank you email and commenting on their blogs.

There are a few plugins that will display your top commentators in WordPress which are easy to install and display on your sidebar. Blogger is a little harder – but it can be as simple as pasting text in a sidebar widget.  Once you have shown who your top comments are coming from, it is easy to thank them or offer them an incentive.

Why you should track your top commenters.

  1. Rewards work. Rewarding people for commenting is just a nice thing to do and it shows that you really appreciate the time they take to leave feedback on your blog.
  2. Competition. One of your readers might think they are your number one fan, but they aren’t number one on your list. It will inspire them to comment more.
  3. Respect Comments. It shows others that you respect commenters and appreciate them with rewards. It will entice others to comment and participate.
  4. Shows Activity. You want your blog to to seem alive and in working order, the fact that you have active commenters is a good sign for potential readers.
  5. Gives you a guide. You have a list of blogs to follow and comment on right in your sidebar.

How to reward your top commenters.

  1. Freebies. Freebies are always welcome. Gift your top commenters with a gift card, or an eBook or pass along some of those extra books on your TBR pile.
  2. Advertising Space. If they have a blog spot, maybe offer up a rotation banner area for your top commenters.
  3. Guest Posts. Offer them a guest post so they can get more exposure.
  4. Thankful Posts or Emails. Send them a nice thank you email or write a post and thank them publicly.

Today I would personally like to thank my Top Commenters with a special shout-out! 


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