Day 3: About Me Refresher

Your Task Today:

Your task today is to update your About Me page and take a new profile picture for your gravatar and your page.

Some people say that your About Me page is the most important page on your blog. Personally I beg to differ, but I do think it is of great importance. When I become infatuated with a new blogger, I usually go directly to their About Me page – if there is nothing there, the infatuation usually fizzles right on that page. If the page is busting with info and intriguing, my infatuation deepens.

Before getting started on this daunting task, ask yourself, what do you want to share and what is your goal when creating this page?

Here are some tips to creating an amazing page:

  1. Don’t use the term About Me, shake it up.
  2. People don’t really care about your pets and your penchant for eating green M&Ms, but they can show your quirky and personal side. Touch upon those types of things briefly and at the end of your section, make a few quick anecdotes about yourself in a fun and personal way, long-winded discussions about your pet parenting techniques are unprofessional, so keep them to a minimum.
  3. Your about me page is really about your readers and not actually about you. It’s an intro on what you can do for your reader. Ask yourself what do you offer? Answer that question in your About Me section.
  4. Think about what you do and post about, write that in your about me section.
  5. While stating what you do, offer posts that showcase those things.
  6. State your qualifications and how that can help your readers.
  7. This is the place to declare you mission statement.
  8. Tell a personal story as it relates to your blog.

ParajunkeeThese are just suggestions, you can do 1 out of 8 or all of them, just make it work for you and your blog. I struggle the most with this particular task. I’m on that thin line between wanting to be all professional and wanting to be a crazy fangirl…which direction do I fall within? I guess I should figure it out. I did take a new picture and spent 2 hours ‘shopping Hogwarts into the background. What do you think?


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