What freaked your geek today? I hope everyone had an awesome New Year’s Eve, and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year to come. The last month or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve kind of been missing in action due to real life interfering, but I’m getting back into the groove of things.

So as I FB surf, it seems like I’m running into images like this more and more often:


May I say that this drives me insane? Why two minutes? Why in the next week? So the insinuation is if I don’t share it, I won’t have something great happen in the next week? Wut? But this one is rather benign compared to some others I have seen lately.

The Top Five Most Annoying Share-Nows

1. Against Child Abuse. Ok, really?  Who isn’t? So if I don’t re-post this, then I’m clearly pro-child abuse, and a card carrying member of We Beat Kids. And if I don’t share, then I don’t have a heart. Ridiculous. Sharing this graphic does absolutely nothing to stop child abuse. In fact, I would argue that it trivializes it.


child abuse


2. Money Face. There is so much wrong with this one. It drives me batty!  Number one is the creepy face. I don’t need that in my feed. Next, ummm it only happens once every 5000 years? 5000 years ago we didn’t have the means to create this graphic. Dumb, dumb, dumb! And last, the claim that you have to share it or you WILL NEVER HAVE MONEY AGAIN…maybe never be able to sleep again due to visions of those creepy blue eyes peering at you.


money face


3. Money in the Yard. While we’re talking about money. So there is apparently some correlation between your Twitter activity and money in your yard. What if you don’t have a yard? Should you wait to retweet when you are at home. Hate to have someone pick up my magic money in my yard.

money yard


4. Believe in God. This one actually pisses me off. So now you can only prove your belief in God by sharing this stupid image? And God now blesses us based on our FB activity? Oh and I’m pretty sure that’s an “s” and not an “n.” What is “a blessing is disguise”?



5. Believe in Angels. You know what I believe in? Correct. Freaking. Grammar. There is so much grammatically wrong with this that I can’t even deal. But, let’s get to the bigger point. I’m being tested by a Facebook post? The angels are watching me to see if I share this, so that they can fix not just two things in my favor but (big) things. Drop everything and re-post?



So what do you guys think? Do you see these graphics very often? Show me the most annoying one you’ve seen lately. Why do people share them?