Today is Day 1 of the 31 Days to Better Blogging. All you have to is a task a day and at the end of the 31 days – your blog will be better for it.

Day 1: Let’s Get Commenting

Your Task Today:

Your task for today is to comment. How much do you normally comment? Do you comment on 1 or 2 blogs? Well your task today is to multiply that number. So, if you normally comment on one blog, try to comment on 10. If you comment on ten already, double it and comment on twenty.

Can we agree that commenting is a very important step in networking your blog? Good. We agree. Now get to it.

Commenting is Key to Blogging Success, But You Need to Spread Your Reach a Little Further

If you are like me, as a blogger, you have a group of blogging friends and you make sure you comment regularly on those blogs but don’t always take the time and find new blogs to comment. Commenting on friends blogs is great, but you also have to make a point of finding new blogs. If you don’t want to stray too far from home, pay attention to who is commenting on your friends sites and follow them to their blogs and comment. This way you are expanding your group but not too far to go out of your comfort zone.

Meaningful Comments are Valued

It’s great that you are commenting, but do they count? Try and leave meaningful comments on those blogs you do visit. Comments like “Great Review” are excellent to receive, but they don’t make you, as a blogger, stand out and entice the other readers to follow you to your blog. Treat your comment as the middle part of a conversation, one that expects an answer. Also, use it to establish that you are a participant in the blogging world. Instead of “Great Review” shoot for something that contributes to the review, or expands on the information provided in the post.

Don’t be a Promo Whore

The conversation you are having should not be a pitch. The comment should not be solely to promote your blog. Test the waters, leave a link to your own blog if it seems appropriate. But, most blogs and commenting systems offer a link back system anyway, so leaving the link is usually not necessary.


A Tip to Successful Commenting is to set aside a portion of your day for reading blog posts and commenting.

How to find blogs to follow and leave a comment:

  • Dig deep in your social media, who are your friends retweeting?
  • Look for blogs that use good commenting systems, like CommentLuv
  • Stalk the forums and look for bloggers who answer questions and contribute to conversations.
  • Google search your niche’s keywords
  • Join in on a twitter chat and follow a hashtag, check out users who participate
  • Look in the blogroll of your favorite bloggers
  • Participate in a meme

And if you take the time and comment on this post, make sure to leave your link! And let us know how many blogs you commented on today!

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