31 Days of Better Blogging for 2015

Are you ready for a Better Blog? Why not join others in a 31 day challenge of awesome? Do one task a day, or pick one a week. This is for you to increase your blog traffic, make your blog more user friendly, or just increase your awareness of your blog’s needs.

How to participate:
The daily topics/tasks are below, each day will be a different focus. How-to and tips will be posted on parajunkee.com each day, in correlation with each task. Visit parajunkee.com each day to get pointers on how to take care of your task, and join in the discussion. Or just do the tasks on your own schedule in your own time-frame.

Daily Topics/Tasks:

(Updated to reflect future post titles)

Day 1: Let’s Get Commenting
Day 2: Time for Spring Cleaning
Day 3: About Me Refresher
Day 4: Top Commentators
Day 5: Friendly Feedback
Day 6: Planning Ahead
Day 7: Highlight Your Popular Posts
Day 8: Recycle Your Posts
Day 9: Social Media Checks & Balances
Day 10: Email Signatures
Day 11: Forums & Such
Day 12: Menu Systems
Day 13: New To Your Blogs
Day 14: Your Competitors
Day 15: Idea Journal
Day 16: The Buddy List
Day 17: Goals & Missions
Day 18: Social Network…Go!
Day 19: Change it up
Day 20: Reader Survey
Day 21: Blogger Love Note
Day 22: Check under the SEO Hood
Day 23: Pros & Cons of Blogging
Day 24: The Big Interview
Day 25: Blog Schedule
Day 26: Share a bit…
Day 27: Target Audience
Day 28: Contact Info
Day 29: User Friendly
Day 30: Brainstorm Time
Day 31: Put your blog to the test.

The 31 Days of Better Blogging for 2015 went over really well! You can do the challenge at any point though! Just follow the day by day prompts above.