On the Seventh Day of Book Blogmas
Parajunkee gave to me…

A Holiday Tradition…only she could tell.

I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a traditional type of person. We have a few family traditions that have stuck with us through the years, but as far as Christmas, some of those traditions have slipped away, sadly, a lot has happened because of deaths, divorce  and large life-changing events that the whole of my family hasn’t yet recovered from.

We also aren’t very religious. At least my little family. Not a non-believer, just not a firm-believer. Does that make sense? And Christmas has become such a stressed time, that we just try and keep things simple. We’ve given up the HUGE parties, with all the family members and narrowed it down just to the nuclear family. Food, drink, a cake for Jesus on his birthday. A visit from Santa and a Christmas Eve gift and a funny White Elephant game so we don’t have to buy presents on top of presents for ever member of the family. Simple.


And the one new tradition that we’ve implemented in just my little family, is the yearly ornament that we get each year, date and hang on the tree. I probably enjoy that one the most, or at least the next year when I pull it out of the box and look at it again and then we hang it on the tree.

I hope you have some better traditions than I do, I feel like we don’t do Christmas…as much as other people. But, it is sort of a conscious choice. Bah hum bug.



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