PJV Quickie: RELUCTANT PRINCE by Dani-Lyn Alexander was a very unique story but the plot progressed too slowly for my taste. Alexander’s writing is interesting and her characters were likable, the entire story arc though, was rather complicated, which wasn’t a good thing and left things feeling bloated and bogged down.

Review: There is this other world, with these other people, not quite human and they call themselves the Kingdom of Cymmera. Within their Kingdom they have elite warriors called death dealers. These death dealers kill humans to bring them to their world and enslave them. Before, they had a beautiful world, but now it is dying. In a weird series of events, including a job interview, fear of child services, earth quakes and evil assassins, two sisters are pulled into this world and things get all kinds of paranormal/fantasy young adult crazy. There are strange evil creatures, some sweet romance and a lot of adventure. It made for a good read, but the intense story-line was overwhelming and it dragged the novel down, in my estimation. I think the author added a way too much – too much angst, too many events and too much back-and-forth – but mainly the romance seemed to be “forced” with contrived angsty when it could have flowed naturally.

Overall, RELUCTANT PRINCE was good and I did enjoy the read, but I wouldn’t push it as a must read.

Recommendations: For fans of paranormal young adult novels with a hint of fantasy and darker elements. Think Lauren Kate meets Maria V. Synder, well kind of.