PJV Quickie: I went into CALL SIGN KARMA with a bit of prejudice, I have to admit. The title of Jamie Rae’s novel was a bit off-putting, to say the least, along with the main characters name – Tinklee? Tink who flies? But, I put that away, because the story-line sounded relatively interesting. But, interesting, maybe, yet, overall the novel was silly and and the heroine and plot was unbelievable.

Review: I have to preface this review with the fact that my brother’s main mode of transportation is a USAF F-16, hoorah, and by association, this wouldn’t make me any kind of expert, but close proximity to what he has gone through puts me, I guess, at a higher experience level than most casual users. Well, that and my own brief stint in the USAF way back in the dark ages of my youth. And that experience had me rolling my eyes during half of this novel. I also judge military novels at a higher level than most – wouldn’t you if you read about people in a career you once had? And here they have this female, that is about to fly F-35s, a jet her brother recently died flying and is having weird psychological issues because of this recent death. The F-35 is stealth fighter that is supposed to replace the F-16 for the Air Force and many other countries Air Force, so to fly these babies is like being in the top 1% of 1% of fighter pilots. There would be no shenanigans to get on this team, much less a romance between a pilot and an instructor – um – kind of like a movie with Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan – you know that movie I’m talking about? Or a medical doctor that talks like a surfer, or a British pilot that has his sister running around in tight clothes, who is also a journalist and covering the story.

You get what I’m saying? It was just kind of silly and I could shrug and say, “well it’s just a romance novel,” but to do that would be discounting all Romance novels, saying they shouldn’t be judged by other book’s standards. And to do that would be wrong, because Romance readers and writers fight to be taken seriously, so I owe it to my fellow readers and those hard-working romance writers to not judge a book this way. So, yes, this plot was silly and kind of similar to TOP GUN so I couldn’t enjoy it. There was romance and it was sexy – but if you are going to write romance within this setting, write it well, not like some puff Lifetime movie, that sort of plot doesn’t work for me. It will probably work for people that enjoy military romances, though, that aren’t all judgy like me. Enjoy and have fun with it.